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$300,000 in CCF funds to help ‘families who have never needed help before’

$300,000 in CCF funds to help ‘families who have never needed help before’



In July, an additional $100,000 in CoServ Charitable Foundation funds were designated to the CCF COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund to assist residential Members and Customers affected financially by the pandemic.

CoServ created the relief fund in April with $200,000 in Operation Roundup® funds contributed by CoServ Members and Customers who, along with Employees, have separately contributed another $5,500 to help their neighbors in need.

The money was distributed to seven social service agency partners that assist Members and Customers with utility bills and other expenses.

“Community members rally around each other in times of need, and this is a great reminder of what a fantastic community we have at CoServ,” said Vicki Sargent, Director of Community Engagement.

Even though most of CoServ’s Customer Care Specialists are working from home these days (See Pages 24-25), they still have their finger on the pulse of the community and know that many of our Members are suffering financially because of COVID-19.

Daily, they take the phone calls, and exchange emails and chat messages with people in need. The money donated to the relief fund helps keep the lights on, puts food on the table and could even help someone keep their home.

“The pandemic has devastated the livelihood of so many people in the communities we serve, including families who have never needed help before,” said Stephen Meers, Director of Customer Care. “That’s why it’s critical for us to do everything we can to continue providing service and assisting people where we can through this difficult time.”

During the pandemic, CoServ has continued to support North Texas communities while also providing critical functions to our Members and Customers. Specifically:

•    Disconnections for nonpayment were suspended for residential Electric Members at mid-March.

•    Due-date extensions and payment plans are being offered to residential Members and Customers who have experienced a loss of income or employment.

•    The democratically elected CoServ Electric Board of Directors this summer accelerated a record $27 million in Capital Credit retirements to help Members suffering financial hardship. (Details on Page 19.)

•    CoServ Capital Credits were the primary source of the first phase of Denton County’s OPEN Grant program to assist small businesses, and the county used CCF’s grant application software to facilitate more than 1,300 applications. (Details on Pages 20-20A.)


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