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CoServ Gas conducting maintenance in Frisco

CoServ Gas conducting maintenance in Frisco


12/29/2020 UPDATE: Maintenance work was completed by 10 p.m., and normal gas operations have resumed. Thanks to the City of Frisco and residents for their patience and understanding.

12/28/2020 UPDATE: The maintenance work described in this release began on Monday, December 28. No flaring was conducted; instead, excess natural gas was vented through a charcoal filter.

CORINTH, Texas – December 17, 2020 – CoServ Gas has completed an investigation and is conducting maintenance to resolve a situation that recently caused the temporary disruption of natural gas service to a few homes in Frisco. This resolution includes the on-site presence of liquefied natural gas and the possibility of a controlled burn of natural gas referred to as “flaring.”

In late October, as temperatures began to drop and more natural gas flowed through its lines, CoServ Gas detected an abnormal operating condition at the Heritage Lakes station off Lebanon Road. In early November, a few Customers in the nearby Saddlebrook Village subdivision reported unexpected service disruptions. Efforts to investigate the source of the disruptions found that the CoServ Gas service lines leading to these homes had been obstructed by an unknown liquid.

After consulting with Atmos Energy, which transports the natural gas that CoServ Gas uses to serve its Customers, the likely source of the problem was determined to be a liquid that Atmos introduced into its mainline transmission pipelines. This liquid helps prevent corrosion within the main Atmos lines and is not intended to reach residential service lines. Over several months, however, it appears to have entered, accumulated and settled at specific low points of the CoServ line, causing isolated blockages that resulted in the Saddlebrook Village service disruptions. Atmos uses special equipment designed to prevent this liquid from “carrying over” into CoServ lines, and they are investigating why it apparently failed to do so here.

Since early November, CoServ Gas has been in regular contact with Atmos to identify and isolate areas where the liquid is present and have it removed from CoServ lines.

In order to clean out the affected service lines, sections are scheduled to be shut down entirely during the week of December 28. Once the lines are shut down, any remaining gas in them will either be flared – a standard industry practice in which trained crews oversee a controlled burn of natural gas – or vented. In addition to CoServ Gas crews, Frisco firefighters will also be at the scene to ensure the flaring goes smoothly.

CoServ Gas will maintain gas service for Customers during the repair process, and liquefied natural gas service will be available in case of increased demand due to lower temperatures.

“We’re communicating with the Railroad Commission of Texas, the City of Frisco and residents who might be affected by this situation,” said Donnie Clary, President/CEO of CoServ. “And we are committed to providing safe, reliable natural gas to our Customers during this entire process.”

CoServ Gas was established in 1998 and serves more than 135,000 gas meters in Denton, Collin and Kaufman counties. CoServ’s mission is to deliver excellent service by providing safe and reliable energy solutions. For more information, please visit CoServ.com/Gas.


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