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CoServ has a new way to report an outage

Members can text the new 10-digit number

CoServ has a new way to report an outage


CoServ has a new phone number, 855-938-3496, for Members to text in to report a power outage and receive updates and estimated restoration times.

  • If you’re already signed up to receive text alerts, you are already enrolled with the new number and don’t need to enroll again.
  • Delete the old six-digit number and save the new 10-digit number in
    your mobile device.

Report an Outage

Text OUT to 855-938-3496.

Your phone number is linked to your account. A message will be sent to the Outage Management System to create an outage event. You will receive a confirmation reply.

Outage Updates

Text STATUS to 855-938-3496 to get updates after the outage event has been created.

“We want to make it as easy as possible for our Members to report outages to us. If you want to text us, great. If you want to log in to SmartHub or the CoServ app, that’s awesome as well," said Stephen Meers, Director of Customer Care. "And if you want to call us, we have self-service options and Customer Care Specialists ready to help you." 



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