CoServ, Lake Cities Chamber partner to meet local area's need for blood


CoServ Employees and Lake Cities Chamber of Commerce members rolled up their sleeves and donated blood on April 16, a selfless act that comes at a critical time for the American Red Cross.

In all, 59 people donated 62 units of blood, enough to help more than 180 people. Of the donors, 27 were donating for the first time.

Jennifer Ebert, CoServ’s Community Relations Specialist, said the success of the blood drives is inspiring.

“Our Employees are amazing. They’ve stepped up for every blood drive,” Jennifer said. “Working with the Red Cross has given me a new appreciation for the need that’s out there for people to donate blood. There’s a shortage of blood drives taking place – so that means there is a shortage of blood available.”

Not only is there a nationwide shortage but supplies are low here in North Texas because so many people were working at home. CoServ has answered the call, hosting three blood drives during the pandemic, all with the Lake Cities Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber provides volunteers for the blood drive while also rallying their members to donate.

“We always have a need for blood because the blood we collect is only good for 42 days on the shelf,” said Sharon Jennings, American Red Cross Account Manager for North Texas. “Our supply inventory is very low. Sicknesses don’t go on vacation. They’re sick and they need blood now. There’s no substitution for blood.”

CoServ is already planning its fourth blood drive for October 1 at CoServ headquarters, in partnership with the Lake Cities Chamber of Commerce. This blood drive is open to the public. To register, click this link, enter the sponsor code “CoServ” and select your time slot.

CoServ’s goal is to have two blood drives a year spaced out far enough so people can donate both times.

“You can only donate once every three months so this will give them an easy avenue to do that,” Jennifer said.

Once people donate, they can use the app to track where their blood goes.

Tina Henderson, President of the Lake Cities Chamber of Commerce, said these blood drives are important to her because her father always donated blood but she’s not able to because she is anemic. By partnering with CoServ to have these blood drives, she’s able to support the cause without donating.

Blood Donor Sign -Up

To Sign-up and Register for a time slot to give blood, visit: and enter: COSERV to schedule an appointment.


Streamline your donation experience and save up to 15 minutes by visiting to complete your pre-donation reading and health history questions on the day of your appointment.

Did you know?

  •  Just one pint of blood can help three patients in need.
  •  Every two seconds, someone in the United States needs blood for surgery, a cancer treatment, chronic illness or traumatic injury.
  •  Just one car accident victim can require as much as 100 units of blood.
  •  Blood and platelets cannot be manufactured – they have to come from volunteer donors.

Want to help organize a blood drive? 

Dallas-Fort Worth Chapter  214-678-4800  




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