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CoServ, Lake Cities Chamber taking signups for October 1 blood drive

CoServ, Lake Cities Chamber taking signups for October 1 blood drive

CoServ and the Lake Cities Chamber of Commerce will host their fourth blood drive on October 1. Photo by KEN OLTMANN/CoServ



Attention regular blood donors, Power Red donors and first-time donors who want to help someone in need– CoServ and the Lake Cities Chamber of Commerce are planning another blood drive for Friday, October 1.

The blood drive will be in the newly remodeled Independence Room at CoServ headquarters, 7701 S. Stemmons Freeway, Corinth. Registration is open now for CoServ Employees, Lake Cities Chamber businesses and the general public. To sign up, visit redcrossblood.org, enter the sponsor code “COSERV” in the Find a Blood Drive box and then select your time slot.

This will be the fourth blood drive CoServ and the Lake Cities Chamber of Commerce have hosted. All of them have been during the pandemic when other businesses and universities have been unable to host events. 

“We know there’s a need in Denton County because so many blood drives have been canceled,” said American Red Cross Account Coordinator Sharon Jennings.

CoServ’s blood drives have been successful with CoServ Employees and Lake Cities members volunteering.

Altogether, the last three blood drives collected 172 units of blood, enough to impact up to 516 people, Sharon said. CoServ’s blood drives also tend to bring in first-time donors to the American Red Cross. Of the 194 donors who have given at CoServ’s blood drives, 80 of them were first-time donors.

Sharon said the goal is to provide a positive customer experience so people – particularly first timers – will donate again. CoServ’s Independence Room was recently remodeled and has enough room for people to remains socially distanced.

Regular donors are allowed to donate again every 56 days. Power red donors give two units of red blood cells, not just one, so they have to wait 112 days. For power red donations, the platelets, plasma and white blood cells are separated and returned to the donor along with a saline solution. With a little extra time at your appointment, you can donate more red blood cells and increase your impact on patients in need. You’ll also feel more hydrated after the donation.

Red cells from a Power Red donation are typically given to trauma patients and newborns.   

“CoServ’s goal is to host two blood drives a year spaced six months apart so regular donors and Power Red donors can both participate,” said Jennifer Ebert, Community Relations Specialist.

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