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CoServ takes the chill out of winter with blanket, heater donations

CoServ takes the chill out of winter with blanket, heater donations



When winter’s chill takes hold, North Texans are grateful for the warmth and security of their home.

But broken heaters, drafty windows or even homelessness can make a cold day extremely uncomfortable or even dangerous for many in our community.

Every winter, the CoServ Charitable Foundation donates hundreds of space heaters and blankets to North Texas social service agencies to ensure everyone can be comfortable during the winter.

This month, CCF donated 179 heaters and 124 blankets to seven community partners. Clients already come to these groups seeking assistance with food, utilities, rent or mortgage so the free blankets and heaters are a bonus.

“When we’re able to provide them with an extra heater, maybe they have wall units that are not heating up the entire place or their landlord hasn’t fixed their heater, it really helps that family stay warm,” said Daphne Adams, Director of Programs for Christian Community Action in Lewisville.

Christian Community Action received 15 heaters and 15 blankets. The blankets usually help homeless clients who are going through Christian Community Action’s rapid rehousing program.

“They’re still sleeping in their cars, in the streets or in shelters,” Adams said. “So having those blankets to hand out to them, I can’t tell you how many people are so appreciative. They’re thick enough that if they are sleeping outside that they have one to sleep on and one to cover up with.”

CoServ donated space heaters to Texoma Council of Governments, who will hand them out not only to their clients but anyone who visits any of the 20 agencies at Serve Denton on Loop 288.

“Everyone has a different purpose to serve the community,” said Michelle Brown, Energy Services Specialist with TCOG. “These heaters will definitely be used and I’m happy to share with other agencies.” 

This year, the CoServ Charitable Foundation also donated $1,000 each to five different social service agencies that they will use for meal and gift support for clients in need. 

CCF has a similar program in the summer to give away box fans that the social service agencies give to people in need. 

“It makes my heart happy when we’re able to provide those individuals when it’s really cold or really hot, the fans,” Adams said.

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