Need to identify a CoServ streetlight? We'll show you how


CoServ Electric doesn’t just provide our Members with reliable electricity – we literally light up neighborhoods, major thoroughfares and commercial developments with lights that we own and maintain. 

From Northlake to Frisco, CoServ has more than 23,000 streetlights, making them a major part of our electrical infrastructure. But unlike other components in that infrastructure, which instantly notify us when there’s a problem, we don’t know if one of our streetlights goes out.

And not all streetlights in our service territory belong to CoServ.

Some cities, residential developers and businesses have installed their own lighting, which are powered by CoServ but not owned or maintained by us. 

So how do you tell?

CoServ has recently conducted a system-wide inventory of our streetlights and placed a metal tag with a unique identification number that ties each light back to our geographic information system (GIS).

This process has made it easy for anyone to be able to identify if a streetlight is owned by CoServ, as well as providing an identifier for reporting a problem.

“Streetlights are important to the communities we serve. Whether it’s the light in front of your house or along the arterial street you take every day, we want to make sure these streetlights are repaired as quickly as possible,” said Loren Jones, CoServ’s Director of Construction Management and Logistics. “We appreciate our Members for diligently reporting [issues with] them.”

How to report a problem with a CoServ-owned light:

  • A CoServ-owned light will have a tag on it with the CoServ name.
  • Write down or take a photo of the street light tag number, which identifies the type of light and its location.
  • Visit to provide
    your name, the streetlight tag number, and to complete the report.
  • You may also call Customer Care at (940) 321-7800
    to report the streetlight in need of repair.
  • It could take up to 15 business days to repair the light.



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