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1 Mar 2021

CCF surpases $525,000 in COVID-19 relief, resumes distribution of grants in North Texas

A big reason why North Texas charities haven't had to turn anyone away is the CoServ Charitable Foundation’s COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund, which has made numerous contributions over the past year. 

1 Mar 2021

Which rate is right for you? CoServ launches new rates

New solar, seasonal rates designed to fit your lifestyle. 

1 Mar 2021

CoServ Electric Board updates term limits, district boundaries

Beginning with the District 1 and 5 elections this year, Board terms will transition to four-year terms, instead of three. Also, boundaries for some of the districts around Lake Lewisville have been adjusted to help balance out the rapid residential growth occurring in that area.

1 Mar 2021

Coming June 10 to a screen near you: The 2021 Annual Meeting

This year, CoServ will introduce online voting and a separate Member appreciation event. 

1 Mar 2021

2021 District Notice for CoServ Members in Districts 1 and 5

In June, Denton County Electric Cooperative, Inc., d/b/a CoServ Electric (“CoServ”) will conduct its Annual Meeting for Members. Before the meeting, CoServ is required under its bylaws to notify each Member (as of the record date) residing in a district where a Director’s term is expiring that a Director for that district is to be elected at the Annual Meeting. 

1 Mar 2021

CoServ responds to Brazos Electric Cooperative bankruptcy filing announcement

Brazos Electric Power Cooperative Inc. announced today it has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, stemming in part from unexpected financial conditions it is facing after the state’s unprecedented winter storm. CoServ Electric has a long history of working with Brazos and its leadership team, and we will continue to work with Brazos as they seek to restructure their operations. However, we will remain focused on the impact to CoServ, its Members and Employees. 

26 Feb 2021

Local school districts, large businesses play critical role in helping power residential homes during winter storm

When CoServ was required to shed load by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) during last week’s extreme winter storm, several school districts and large businesses stepped up to proactively lower their electric and natural gas usage so there would be more power for homes. 

24 Feb 2021

Our winter storm resource for CoServ Members and Customers

We know you have lots of questions regarding the aftermath from the recent extreme weather storm that hit the state earlier this month. To help you out, CoServ has assembled a list of resources to help those in need recover. Please know that we have also partnered with seven social service agencies in the North Texas area with direct resources from CoServ Charitable Foundation funds for COVID-19 relief. Those can be found at Financial Assistance – CoServ.

22 Feb 2021

Answers to Your Winter Weather Concerns

While CoServ Electric does not yet know all the costs associated with the extreme winter weather from last week that we are all still recovering from, we are working to recognize our Members’ concerns.

22 Feb 2021

CoServ addresses 'estimated usage' concerns after last week's winter storm

CoServ Members are never charged based on estimated usage -- only actual usage. 

20 Feb 2021

CoServ addresses extreme weather concerns

The CoServ Electric Board of Directors has decided that the rate set on Feb. 1, which includes the PCRF, will remain the same for February and March.

20 Feb 2021

With winter storm behind us, we want to thank our Operations and Customer Care teams

CoServ wants to thank everyone for their patience after a very difficult and challenging week. Our electric Members aren't used to even a minor power outage, let alone one that lasts for hours! The numbers back up the fact that we are the most reliable utility in Texas year in and year out.  We hope our Electric Members and Gas Customers are safe, warm and comfortable this weekend.

19 Feb 2021

ERCOT ends emergency as grid returns to 'more normal operating conditions'

CoServ ended its Emergency Response Plan Friday as ERCOT conditions returned to normal. 

19 Feb 2021

Winter Emergency Update: CoServ's phone system is fully function again

Our phone system is now fully operational. Because the winter weather emergency has ended, our Customer Care team will be resuming normal business hours, starting Monday from 8 a.m. to 5 p. m. 

19 Feb 2021

Winter weather emergency update: CoServ Gas crews work overnight to keep pressure up

Gas pressure has fluctuated throughout this week's winter weather emergency. Our crews have been in the field consistently to help maintain pressure and ensure reliable gas service for Customers. 

18 Feb 2021

Winter Weather Emergency Update: CoServ crews working on last outages

CoServ has stopped the rotating outages at the request of the state’s grid operator and we have restored power to the majority of our Members. 

18 Feb 2021

ERCOT stops calling for load shed, ends rotating outages but Energy Emergency Alert continues

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas stopped calling for load shed Thursday, meaning CoServ and other utilities can stop rotating outages for the time being. The state remains in an Energy Emergency Alert 3, the highest level of alert, so ERCOT could call for rotating outages again to maintain grid stability as the state recovers from this winter weather event.

17 Feb 2021

CoServ crews working through bitter cold to restore electricity, gas

CoServ crews Electric Linemen and Gas Crews have been out on the streets, in apartment complexes and anywhere else that there’s a problem throughout this winter weather emergency.

16 Feb 2021

Winter Emergency: Tuesday afternoon outage update from CoServ

ERCOT continues to request that we – and all other electric utilities in the state – shed load to try to stabilize the grid. This means rotating outages are still in effect.

15 Feb 2021

Winter Outage Outlook: Where we stand now, and what to expect in the coming days

The following are important updates from CoServ regarding the unprecedented winter storm that prompted ERCOT to declare a statewide power emergency and order all electric utilities in Texas to begin rotating outages.

15 Feb 2021

Winter Emergency: CoServ statement about ongoing outages

CoServ is diligently working to restore outages as safely as possible. Your patience is appreciated as we navigate the next few hours and days, balancing our obligation to the state's electric grid and our commitment to serve you. 

15 Feb 2021

Winter Emergency Update: ERCOT issues Energy Emergency Alert 3, calls for rotating outages to maintain grid stability

ERCOT issued an EEA level 3 and has called for statewide rotating outages to maintain grid stability. Rotating outages are temporary, controlled events designed to achieve grid stability.

14 Feb 2021

Winter Emergency: CoServ issues warning about natural gas demand and supply

CoServ has issued a conservation alert to all customers – Electric and Gas – on its website and across all social media channels.

14 Feb 2021

Winter Emergency: ERCOT, CoServ and the potential for rotating outages

There are three levels of EEA, and statewide rotating outages are only implemented as a last resort to maintain the reliability of the electric system.

14 Feb 2021

CoServ Gas issues safety tips amid freezing cold weather

CoServ Gas has some quick tips to keep you and your family safe during this cold snap.


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