Serving North Texas Since 1937

Academic Initiatives

CoServ believes that there is no greater investment in a community’s future than supporting public education. Through our academic initiatives, CoServ can provide students, teachers and staff at schools in the communities we serve with educational opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t be available.

Elementary students gain the benefits of new academic programs, safety and energy education and hands-on learning practices. Secondary students have the chance to apply for scholarships, participate in leadership opportunities and learn about civic engagement. Both are led through these endeavors by the experienced professionals and educators on our Community Relations team. 

CoServ Scholarships

We award $35,000 in scholarships per year. You could be our next winner!

Youth Leadership Tour

We want to send high school juniors on an all-expenses-paid trip to Austin and Washington, D.C. Don’t you want to know how?


We provide learning materials, volunteer support and more to selected elementary schools.

Education Foundations

We give back to our schools to the tune of $280,000 each year for scholarships and teacher grants.


We want to support your school or event with a safety demo, energy education or our POWERrace game. Ask us how we can help.

Teacher of the Month

Do you know a special teacher who has made a positive impact in your life or in your community? We want to hear about them and their impact on you!