STEM Day at Riders Field

Looking for something fun, educational and exciting for your child this spring break? The Annual STEM Day at Riders Field is the perfect option. The CoServ-sponsored event is free through our community partnership with the Frisco RoughRiders. You never know if this one day could unlock a new passion for Science, Technology, Engineering or Math in your child.

Attendees received a gift bag including 2 free Riders Tickets to be used at the STEM Night game on Friday, May 10th.

2024 STEM Day

The CoServ STEM Day at Riders Field was a success this year. The event provided an excellent opportunity for 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students to learn about the science and engineering of electricity, robotics, drones, and more through live demonstrations and hands-on experiments.

For those interested in the next CoServ STEM Day, please note that details about the 2025 event will be added here early next year. Be sure to check back for updates!