Operation Roundup®

Through Operation Roundup®, you can partner with CoServ to help our neighbors for pennies every month. The program is supported by CoServ Members and Customers who “round up” their monthly electric and gas bills to the nearest dollar. The extra pennies go to the CoServ Charitable Foundation, which distributes every cent via grants to worthy causes in the CoServ Service Area.

The average Operation Roundup donation, per participant, comes to $6 per year—about 50 cents a month. It may not sound like much, but these pennies add up. Since 2004, this program has helped CoServ Members and Customers contribute more than $9 million to the CoServ Charitable Foundation.

Not sure whether you’re a participant? Check your most recent CoServ bill. You should see a separate “Operation Roundup” line item under the Account Summary section. If you choose to opt out, please let us know by filling out this brief form:

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