We want to hear from you 

2020 promises to be a big year for electric vehicles, and CoServ wants to hear from you today to plan for tomorrow.

Do you drive an EV? Are you thinking about buying one? Do you have feedback on how we can better serve EV owners? Any upcoming events in North Texas that we should consider attending?

Ben Smith, CoServ’s EV Program Manager: “This site is a start to what we hope will be a continuing conversation with current and potential EV owners about their experiences and expectations.”

We want to hear from you—please email EV@coserv.com with your feedback, questions and suggestions.


Alternative Fuels Data Center
Department of Energy website calculates total cost of ownership and emissions for makes and models of most vehicles, including EVs.

EV Stakeholder Solution Center
Department of Energy website explains EV basics, benefits and cost savings vs. vehicles that run on gasoline.

Electric Vehicles 101
Is an electric vehicle right for you? This Consumer Reports website provides an EV checklist, buying guide and ratings.