North Texas winters can be unpredictable. One day you might wear shorts, a T-shirt and sandals and the next day you're scrambling for a big warm coat, hat and mittens.

When the chill of winter hits, CoServ Members can stay warm inside their home while conserving energy. We’ve compiled a list below of our most helpful articles to help you save money and energy this winter.

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Start prepping your home

It's never too late to start preparing your home for winter weather. To help get you started, check out some helpful tips in the latest issue of Texas Co-op Power magazine or listen to the Winter Savings Series episode on the As A Meter Of Fact.

Also, did you know you can sign up for a free Energy Assessment by CoServ’s qualified technicians? Visit our Energy Assessments page to find out more about our different types of assessments and how to request one.

Learn more about Energy Efficiency

  • Looking for ways to be more energy efficient? Check out our list of winter energy savings tips.
  • Want to see your homes efficiency rating? CoServ has a Home Energy Calculator that can tell you how your home stacks up and ways you can save.

Put SmartHub to work with its built in Tools & Alerts

  • Log in to your online account with SmartHub or the CoServ App to check your usage, track electricity consumption, compare it to past billing periods and see what your usage is on a particular day.
  • Members can also set up usage alerts, so they receive notifications or emails if electricity usage passes a preset threshold for a day or even an hour.

Budget Billing & Rates

  • Take the guesswork out of your monthly bill with one of our Budget Billing plans that make it easier to bear those extreme temperature swings by smoothing out the highs and lows.
  • Did you know that you have several options when it comes to your rate? We have different rates to fit our Members' lifestyles, including a Solar Rate that gives Members 100 percent solar power without installing a single solar panel.

Financial Assistance is Available 

Want to stay in the know?

  • Each month from November through February, we send out an email to our Members with helpful information such as savings tips, program information, the latest news and other helpful information. To make sure you receive them, check your notification settings are turned on within your SmartHub account. Click here to learn more.