About Your Bill

Do you have a question about terms of service, sections of your bill, charges, and fees? Learn more below.  

  • Delivery Options—Whether you would rather receive an old-fashion paper statement, the convenience of eBill notifications, or both—the choice is yours.
  • Sample Statements—Trying to figure out the line items on your bill? View a sample electric, gas, or electric and gas statement with key terms explained.
  • Due Dates and Late Fees—Learn how your statement due date is determined and how much late fees are when assessed to your account.
  • Disconnection and Reconnection—Understand CoServ's policy on disconnection and reconnection of services, in addition to, other circumstances why your service(s) could be disconnected.
  • Deposits—When you begin new service, deposits are charged in accordance with our tariff(s). More information about how much they are, when they can be waived and when they are refundable is available here.
  • Billing Disputes—If you don’t agree with a portion of your bill, please contact Customer Care. We will do our best to answer all of your questions first. If unresolved, read how further disputes are handled.