Energy Assessments

An on-site energy assessment is often the first step in making your home more energy efficient. CoServ knows it’s easier said than done to reduce the amount of energy you use, so we employ a team of qualified technicians to help you.

Our Energy Efficiency team conducts free energy assessments on our Members’ homes and businesses. We’ll inspect your windows, doors, attics, appliances, heating and cooling unit and more—all to help pinpoint where your energy dollars are being wasted. We use a variety of monitors and tools, such as infrared cameras and energy-consumption monitors during the assessment, to determine the best way for you to save energy dollars. A report detailing the findings is provided to you at the conclusion of the assessment. 

This service is just another benefit of being a Member of CoServ and it’s absolutely free.* Sign in to and, under Program Signup, request an Energy Assessment so that a member of our Energy Efficiency Team can assist you.

Blower door program

If you would like a more detailed energy assessment, CoServ offers the option to add a blower door test. This service costs $75 and is added to your next month’s bill. This test will identify exactly where the leaks are in your home and even estimates how much money you are losing due to this air leakage per year. Contact us to book your blower door test today. 

Home Energy Calculator

Complete the online profile to pinpoint problem spots in your home.

*If another assessment is requested at the same residence within a 24-month span, there may be a $100 fee added to your bill. Starting in 2015, free assessments will be available only every other year per Member.  If you schedule an assessment and you are not at your home when our technician arrives for the appointment, a trip charge of $50 may be added to your bill.