CoServ Gas communications you need to know about

The Railroad Commission of Texas requires the communication of the following messages to CoServ Gas Customers:

Rights and Responsibilities


Pipelines in Your Community


Residential and Commercial




Emergency Responders




Excess Flow Valves (EFV)


Winter Weather Policy


Weather Normalization Adjustment (WNA)


Between December and May, a WNA line-item adjustment appears on CoServ Gas bills.

WNA stands for Weather Normalization Adjustment, a calculation that adjusts customers’ bills when temperatures are lower or higher than expected.

In bill periods when the weather is colder than normal, WNA will reduce the Ccf usage charge to a normal level. In bill periods when the weather is warmer than normal, WNA will increase the Ccf usage charge to a normal level.

WNA is a standard within the natural gas utility industry and protects customers and CoServ: During extremely cold periods, it helps lower customers’ bills; during extremely warm periods, it provides CoServ Gas with the revenue needed to recoup fixed costs connected to delivering gas to your home or business.