Payment Options

Beware of scammers representing themselves as payment services! CoServ payments should only be made through the formats listed below. CoServ offers a variety of payment options, including eBill subscription through your CoServ account.

“No fee” payment options:

  • Online: Use your bank account information or credit/debit card to make an immediate one-time payment, schedule future payments or set up automatic payments for your account balance each month.
  • By mail: Send your check or money order with the payment stub to CoServ, P.O. Box 650785, Dallas, TX 75265-0785.
  • By Phone: Members and Customers can pay by calling 1-800-807-3891.  
  • Online bill-pay through your bank: Most banks provide free bill-pay services, giving you complete control of your monthly payment. Allow 5-7 days for CoServ to receive payment. Please update your CoServ utility account number on your bank's bill-pay system if you move from one CoServ address to another.
  • Rolling Average Billing: For residential Members with 12 months CoServ service and a zero balance. This plan is based on a rolling 12-month average, which helps smooth out the dramatic changes in your monthly bills.How does it work? Your electric bill is calculated by adding the current amount due to the previous 11 months’ total and dividing by 12, plus 1/12th of the budget plan’s accumulated balance. (The budget plan keeps track of the difference between what would have been paid through regular monthly billing and what is paid through the Rolling Average Billing program). Once enrolled, Members will remain in the Rolling Average Billing program until they close the account or notify CoServ that they no longer want to continue in the program. AutoPay via debit card, credit or electronic check is required.Since the Rolling Average Billing amount is recalculated each month, there is no need to "settle up" at the end of the year. To initiate, please email or call (940) 321-7800.
  • Automatic bank draft: Commercial and Industrial Members only. Account balance drafted from your savings/checking account monthly.

“Fee-based” payment option:

  • Authorized Pay Locations: Cash payments only, and a $1.50 fee applies. (NOTE: Walmart is not an authorized payment location. Payments made at Walmart take 3-5 business days to post to your account.)  Download a PDF of the locations or view the locations on an interactive map.