CoServ Solar Station


The promise of tomorrow is reality today: Solar power is now a part of CoServ’s energy mix, and we are proud to be among the first electric co-ops in Texas to offer it. By purchasing blocks of solar energy from CoServ, Members have the advantage of no upfront costs, no long-term leases or contracts, and no maintenance or termination fees.

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 CoServ Solar Station, Krugerville, Texas    CoServ Truck Shed Solar Array, Corinth, Texas

Built on the site of a former peanut farm, the CoServ Solar Station sits on 16 acres in Krugerville (Denton County). The 2 megawatt alternating-current array comprises 8,448 fixed-tilt solar panels, each expected to produce 473.4 kilowatt hours per year for a total of 3.9 million kWh.

The Solar Station is CoServ’s second array. In 2009, we installed a 95 kilowatt peak system on the roof of our truck shed at our corporate headquarters in Corinth. It produces about 136,000 kWh per year, serving about 2.5 percent of the kWh energy needs of our corporate facilities.

Under the direction of the CoServ Electric Board of Directors, we built the CoServ Solar Station with you in mind. We know that investing thousands of dollars in long-term contracts, leases or rooftop installations is not possible for many individual Members who are interested in a solar option, so when the opportunity became available, we jumped at it. And, we are pleased to offer you several viable rate options, which you can find here.

Implementing innovative ideas is our Vision and providing energy solutions, our Mission. That’s the power of cooperative membership.


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Is Solar Right for Me?

Below are three samples with comparative annual energy use to help you decide if solar is right for you.

Average Member Usage


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Above Average Usage


(Residential rate is calculated using the Power Cost Recovery Factor from September 2015.)

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How to Sign Up

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Now, more than ever, you have more ways to support renewable energy through CoServ.