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Interested in solar power? CoServ can help.

You probably have a lot of questions about solar power. CoServ has answers because we want to be your trusted energy advisor.

Are you interested in installing solar at your home? Our Energy Efficiency team can review your plan and help you design a system to meet your needs. We are also here to help CoServ Members make informed decisions by providing a list of solar installers that CoServ believes will perform quality work in an ethical manner at a fair price.

Interested in renewable energy, but don’t want to commit to the cost and maintenance? Our new Solar Savings rate is perfect for someone who wants 100 percent renewable energy without the upfront cost or long-term commitment of installing solar panels, or who can’t install solar panels on their residence.

Solar facts and myths: As your trusted energy advisor, we want our Members to make informed and educated decisions before they go solar. Here are some common myths that high-pressure salespeople may use:

🚫Myth: With solar, I will never get an electric bill

Fact: Installing solar panels can help reduce your electric bill but it won’t produce enough power for your home to use 24 hours a day. At minimum, CoServ Members with solar will pay a monthly Customer Charge. The Customer Charge covers a portion of the cost of being connected to the distribution system. To learn more about this, click here.

🚫Myth: With solar, my power won’t go out during an outage.

Fact: Solar requires an inverter to convert the solar energy from direct current to alternating current so it can be used in the home. The inverter is powered by the grid so the solar system will not operate during an outage unless your home has a backup battery storage system.

🚫Myth: I will get a quick return on investment.

Fact: There are a lot of factors at play (for example, the size of the system, cost, the home's energy consumption and the efficiency of the system) but with today’s cost, it could take many years to get a return on your investment.

How to find a great solar deal:

  • Do research and get at least three quotes from different companies
  • Ask an expert, including CoServ’s Energy Efficiency team at solar@coserv.com
  • Visit CoServ.com/Solar, check out our FAQ and look at the companies on our Certified Solar Installer list
  • Talk to a tax expert about tax incentives that may be available



CoServ is proud to partner with our Certified Solar Installers. If you have any questions, please email solar@coserv.com.


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