Here’s a riddle for you: It’s something Americans use every day without thinking. If it was taken away, some people couldn’t even get ready for work in the morning. It also kills hundreds of people and injures more than 10,000 each year—and most of those accidents could have been prevented.

Of course, the answer is electricity. At CoServ Electric, we realize this powerful force can be very convenient … or very dangerous. That’s why, in addition to following strict safety standards in our operations, we believe it’s our responsibility to educate you on how to deal with electrical dangers. So take notes, because you never know when you might face one of these potentially deadly situations.

  • General Safety Tips—Get advice for home or the outdoors. These tips cover more than just basics. In fact, some will probably be brand-new to you.
  • What to Do in an Emergency—Think fast! How would you react in these tough scenarios?
  • Safe Digging—The law requires you to call 811 before digging more than 16 inches on your property. Find out why.
  • Mr. Diggs—Diggs is his name, and safe digging is his game.
  • Pipelines in Your Community—CoServ is committed to safe and reliable operation of our pipelines in your community. Do you know where our pipelines end and yours begin?
  • Carbon Monoxide—It's a deadly poison that you can't see, smell or taste. Do you know the symptoms of CO poisoning?
  • Winter Safety Tips—It's freezing outside, and your power just went out. Do you know what to do?