At CoServ, safety is a personal responsibility and choice accomplished through training, education and awareness.

CoServ reinforces this core value through our We Do It For Them program where we remind all our Employees that they all have someone who loves them and wants them to come home safely every day.

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Non-Emergency Hazard

See something that doesn't look right? Reporting potential hazards is easy by filling out our Non-Emergency Hazard form.

Latest safety articles

Safety is a core value at CoServ, not only for our Employees but first responders and the public. Here, you'll find the latest news and information related to safety for electricity and natural gas.

CoServ’s Senior Journeyman Team takes home trophy at Texas Lineman’s Rodeo

The Senior Journeyman Team finished in third place at the Texas Lineman’s Rodeo Saturday, a huge accomplishment for the supervisors.

CoServ linemen gear up for Texas Lineman’s Rodeo

Every second counts during a power outage. But most importantly, the professionalism, preparation and safety they practice for the rodeo could save their life or that of their coworker in the real world.

Important safety tips for gas appliances

CoServ Gas added an average of 604 new gas meters per month and for many Customers this will be their first winter with gas appliances.