CoServ's Adopt-a-School leaves lasting legacy at Corinth Elementary School

CoServ's Adopt-a-School leaves lasting legacy at Corinth Elementary School

CoServ gas crews relocate the funnel ball pole at Corinth Elementary School to a location where more children can play with it. Photos by WHITNEY GOHLKE/CoServ



Corinth Elementary School Principal Vangee Deussen sees the positive impact CoServ has had on her school every time she walks down the hall.

Students taking ownership, learning life skills, doing morning announcements, collecting recyclables and assessing their own growth – all those student behaviors were inspired by the Leader In Me program. CoServ purchased the curriculum and teacher training materials as part of the Adopt-a-School program, which Corinth Elementary School has been a part of for three years. Leader In Me is the children’s version of the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

“Those materials and teacher training have impacted a lot of students in a very healthy way,” Vangee said. “It’s helped every student in every class.”

The skills the children are learning now will help them when they advance to middle school, too. 

Over the years, CoServ Employees have also mentored students at Corinth Elementary School, spending time with them and being good role models. She said many of the boys in the lower grade levels look up to Randy Copeland, Energy Education Lead, and Justin Porterfield, Energy Education Specialist.    

Vangee said Whitney Gohlke, CoServ’s Manager of Community Relations, continues to mentor one young girl through video chat.

“She lights up because she’s going to see Mrs. Whitney,” Vangee said. “It’s really sweet and does make a difference in a child’s life.”

CoServ also surprises teachers with snacks, meals and gift cards to boost morale and show appreciation. They’ve gotten books for the library and bookshelves for classrooms.

This month, CoServ Gas crews used their digging equipment to relocate playground equipment to an area where more children can play with it. One of the funnel ball poles was too close to the climbing equipment so children couldn’t play with it.

“With CoServ changing where those funnel balls are, it’s going to allow more students to play with it and play with it well,” Vangee said.

During Thanksgiving week, CoServ volunteers will be at the school power washing and repainting the basketball courts and four-square areas. The goal is to add bright, happy colors to the playground to freshen it up, Whitney said.

The Adopt-a-School partnerships focus on Title I schools. Here are the other current Adopt-a-Schools CoServ is working with: 

  • Clara Love Elementary School in Northwest ISD
  • Ponder Elementary School in Ponder ISD
  • Dyer Elementary School in Krum ISD
  • Paloma Creek Elementary School in Denton ISD 
  • Rogers Elementary School in Frisco ISD.

The Adopt-a-School partnership at Corinth Elementary School will be coming to an end this summer and CoServ will move on to another school. But Vangee said the difference CoServ made at Corinth Elementary School will reverberate for years.

“It’s been such a wonderful relationship and I hate to see it end but I know there are other schools that could use the support as well,” Vangee said.


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