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Hot, humid June could lead to more electricity usage

After a soggy May, June had far less rainfall and plenty of hot, humid days.   

CoServ Members should expect June electricity consumption to be higher than May because air condition usage more than doubled thanks to the hotter temperatures. Comparing this year to last June, electricity consumption – driven mostly by air condition usage – should be about the same.

The average high temperature for June 2021 was 91.2 degrees Fahrenheit, 11.7 degrees hotter than May. North Texas received 2.15 inches of rain, 5 inches less than the previous month and 1.55 inches less than normal for June.

Temperatures did cool down to the low 70s at night.

The average temperature for June was 82.1 degrees, up 0.2 degrees from the same period in 2020. Comparing May to June, though, the average temperature jumped 10 degrees.

CoServ has some great tips to help you save energy this summer.

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