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What to expect on your December bill

With average low temperatures in the mid-40s in November, CoServ Members should expect electric usage to increase compared to the same period a year ago.

The average low temperature for November was 46.3 degrees. That’s 2.7 degrees cooler than last year. Just a few degrees difference led to a 44 percent increase in heating degree days, the metric used to calculate how much homeowners use their heater.

It’s calculated by measuring the mean temperature for the day and subtracting it from 65 degrees, the temperature that people will be comfortable without needing a heater. For example, if the mean temperature for a day is 50 degrees, that’s 15 heating degree days. For the 30 days in November, the heating degree days added up to 229. 

Homes that use electric heating will have higher usage in November compared to last year.

On the other end of the spectrum, there were only 16 cooling degree days because the mean temperature was rarely above 65 degrees. Compare that to October where there were 239 cooling degree days.

November was also rainy with 3.11 inches of rainfall, more than half an inch higher than normal. 


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