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What to expect on your July electric bill


Overall, July 2021 was 1 degree cooler on average than the same month last year. CoServ Members should expect electricity consumption to be similar to July 2020. The caveat would be if people were working from home last year but this year they’re in the office. That should result in less energy usage this year.

Air conditioning is the biggest determining factor for electricity use in the summer and is measured in cooling degree days, which are calculated by taking the mean temperature for a day and subtracting it from 65 degrees. The assumption is that if the mean temperature is 65 degrees outside, neither heat nor air conditioning will be needed but for every degree above or below that heating or air conditioning will be used.

For example, if the high temperature for a day is 100 degrees and the low is 80, here’s how it would be calculated.

Calculating mean temperature: (100+80)/2= 90 degrees

Calculating Cooling Degree Days 90-65=25

Do that for every day in the month and add them together to get the cooling degree days for that month.

For July 2021, the cooling degree days totaled 618. Compare that to July 2020 when cooling degree days totaled 652.

The average high temperature for July 2021 was 93.9 degrees, half a degree less than a year ago. The storms dumped 1.5 inches of rain that helped drop the average low temperature down to 75.5 degrees, 1.6 degrees cooler than the same month in 2020. That rainfall was actually about half an inch less than normal for July.



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