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What to expect on your September bill


After the record-setting scorcher that was July, August provided North Texans a bit of a reprieve from the heat that included drought-busting rain fall.

The average high for August was 96.2 degrees compared to an average high of 102.4 degrees for July. Despite the relative cool down, August 2022 was still hotter than the same month last year with 8 percent more air condition use, based on the Cooling Degree Days, a metric that measures electric usage. Click here for more on Cooling Degree Days. 

Temperatures reached 99 degrees or higher 15 days last month.

With those higher temperatures, CoServ Members should expect higher electricity usage for August. On the plus side, usage should be lower for August than it was for July.

It’s important to remember that CoServ’s electricity costs have increased in 2022 as the price of natural gas has gone up. CoServ accounts for this increase by adjusting the Power Cost Recovery Factor (PCRF). The PCRF has increased by 3.8 cents per kilowatt-hour compared to September 2021. That adds up to about $38 more per 1,000 kilowatt-hour of usage. Read more about high bills here: CoServ.com/HighBill

So, that means CoServ Members should expect higher bills overall based on the higher temperatures and the higher cost per kilowatt-hour.

North Texas received more than 10.6 inches of rain with the majority of it falling within a two-day period on August 21 and 22. The much-needed rain was 8.5 inches above normal for the month. The rain brought cooler temperatures with lows of 80 degrees or lower for 11 nights.

With fall beginning, milder temperatures should be on the horizon so electricity usage should be lower in the coming months.

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