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6 Aug 2020

CoServ District 4 Runoff Election Update

CoServ Members will receive election ballots in the September edition of Texas Co-op Power magazine. Results of the District 4 Runoff Election will be announced at a special Member meeting at 2 p.m. Thursday, September 24, 2020.

6 Aug 2020

CoServ weather stats: July 2020

Temperatures were about the same this July compared to last year, which means CoServ Members should expect their electricity consumption to be about the same.

6 Aug 2020

What's your 811 IQ?

Small flags in your neighborhood indicate a digging project is planned, and someone has called 811 to locate underground utility lines. Texas law requires homeowners and businesses to Call 811 at least two business days before digging. Each color represents a different type of utility.

5 Aug 2020

CoServ Board returns $27 million to Members

This year, the CoServ Board responded to COVID-19’s devastating effect on the North Texas economy with a record Capital Credit retirement of $27 million that was accelerated to help Members suffering financial hardship.

4 Aug 2020

Summer Status: ERCOT the grid and COVID-19

The state’s electric grid expects to set a record for peak load this summer, even after adjusting for COVID-19’s economic impact.

30 Jul 2020

$300,000 in CCF funds to help ‘families who have never needed help before’

In July, an additional $100,000 in CoServ Charitable Foundation funds were designated to the CCF COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund to assist residential Members and Customers affected financially by the pandemic.

29 Jul 2020

August Texas Co-op Power magazine: A new look for modern electric co-ops

The August edition of Texas Co-op Power features a completely new look that ushers in a new era for the magazine. 

28 Jul 2020

Denton County's OPEN Grants help small businesses survive

COVID-19 ravaged small businesses in North Texas this spring with lost jobs and shutdowns prompted by quarantine restrictions. Restaurants were hit particularly hard, as catering jobs stopped and dine-in options were put on hold.

28 Jul 2020

For CoServ and the grid, August is a crucial month

August is typically the hardest month to predict when it comes to electricity load and it's usually when the electric grid sets new records for peak demand. This year the COVID-19 pandemic throws a wrench into everything because many offices, schools and businesses won't be operating at full capacity or at all. 


28 Jul 2020

2 weeks, 32 high schools, 13,500 students: The story behind the TMS graduations

COVID-19 canceled many events this year, but it also prompted creativity and improvisation that resulted in memorable graduation ceremonies for 13,500 North Texas high school graduates and their families. 

28 Jul 2020

Customer Care Team adjusts to handling calls from home

Many things have changed for CoServ’s Customer Care Team since they began working from home in the spring due to COVID-19. One thing that hasn’t is serving CoServ Members and Customers.

24 Jul 2020

CoServ will have runoff election for District 4 board seat

CoServ will have a runoff election for District 4 of the CoServ Electric Board of Directors this September.

21 Jul 2020

Mission of the Month: CoServ, Texas Legends assist Vogel Alcove

CoServ helped deliver a truckload of diapers, wipes, cleaning supplies, paper goods and healthy snacks to Vogel Alcove through a partnership with the Texas Legends. 

17 Jul 2020

Unexpected Ways To Save This Summer

You may already be a pro at the usual money-saving habits. But here are two tips you may not have heard before.

16 Jul 2020

Members re-elect 2 to CoServ Electric Board; runoff election required in District 4

A record number of CoServ Members voted in this year’s CoServ Electric Board of Directors election, resulting in the re-election of two incumbents and the need for a runoff election in a third race.

15 Jul 2020

Podcast: The heat is on (Yuck)

In the latest episode of the As A Meter Of Fact podcast, we ask Gary Franzen, CoServ's Director of Energy Services, to explain how an electric grid works and how CoServ and the state's grid operators maintain adequate load through extreme heat. He also explains the difference between a rotating outage and a brownout/blackout. 

9 Jul 2020

CoServ awards scholarships to high school seniors in 23 North Texas school districts

The CoServ Charitable Foundation awarded thousands of dollars in scholarships to seniors throughout our service territory, continuing the tradition amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

8 Jul 2020

CoServ extends voting deadline for Board Director Election due to U.S. Postal Service delays

The original deadline – 5 p.m. Friday, July 10, 2020 – has been extended to 5 p.m. Tuesday, July 14, 2020. All properly completed ballots received by Survey & Ballot Systems (CoServ’s voting services provider) by 5 p.m. Tuesday will be counted in this year’s election – the results of which will be announced at this year’s Annual Meeting on Thursday, July 16.

7 Jul 2020

CoServ weather stats: June 2020

Warmer temperatures combined with more people working from home could result in higher electric bills for CoServ Members.

1 Jul 2020

CoServ adds $100,000 to COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund

The CoServ Charitable Foundation has designated another $100,000 to the CCF COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund to assist residential Members and Customers affected financially by the pandemic.

29 Jun 2020

CoServ's 2020 Annual Meeting: 5 things you need to know

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, CoServ's 2020 Annual Meeting will not be conducted at the University of North Texas Coliseum in Denton.

16 Jun 2020

How birds and squirrels "walk the line"

The latest episode of the As A Meter Of Fact podcast answers the burning question of how birds, squirrels and other critters are able to walk on power lines without getting electricuted. If you have a question for our podcast team, send it to podcast@coserv.com. 

15 Jun 2020

CoServ returns record $27 million in Capital Credits to Members

The timing of the retirement - as well as the acceleration of $7 million of the total amount - provides additional relief for CoServ Members affected financially by COVID-19.

11 Jun 2020

CoServ appreciates Lewisville ISD cafeteria workers with 'drive-through thank you' events

The theme of CoServ's "drive-through thank you" for LISD cafeteria workers was simple: "You haven't stopped serving others. Now it's our turn to serve you!" More than 150 workers pulled up to the LISD administrative office on Main Street and to an elementary school where they received snacks and a cold bottle of water.

9 Jun 2020

CoServ rallies around first responders, teachers, Members and Customers

The CoServ Charitable Foundation is meeting the challenge of COVID-19 head-on by honoring those who are fighting the pandemic on the front lines and helping those who are feeling the negative effects -- both from the disease itself and the economic impact. 


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