About CoServ Gas

Make no mistake—this business isn’t like other gas utilities. CoServ Gas was established in 1998, so our infrastructure is more modern than most companies in this industry.

We also empathize with the strain that high energy costs can put on your budget. That’s why we secure the most competitive gas prices available from multiple sources. And, because we don’t mark up the cost of natural gas, we pass these savings directly to you.

Why Natural Gas

It supplies nearly one-fourth of all energy used in the United States. And, by 2020, consumption will grow another 20 percent. Take a look at why natural gas is so popular—and how you benefit from using it:

  1. It’s efficient. Out of all fossil fuels, natural gas is No. 1 in efficiency. That means less waste and lower utility bills for you. 
  2. It’s clean. Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel, making it the friendliest to our environment.
  3. It’s safe. Today’s modern pipelines are so secure that even the Pentagon, the White House and the Capitol building depend on natural gas for heat. Together, utility and pipeline companies invest nearly $7 billion per year ensuring that we deliver your gas safely.
  4. It’s reliable. Regardless of the weather, you can count on natural gas to heat your home, warm your water, run your clothes dryer or fire up your grill.

Source: American Gas Association

Who We Serve

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CoServ Gas Board of Managers


Back row, clockwise from left: Jim Lamirand, Senior Vice President—Marketing and Customer Care; Greg Ward, Senior Vice President—Field Operations; Donnie Clary, President/Chief Executive Officer; Robby Hamlin, Senior Vice President—Engineering Services; Denise Smithers, Senior Vice President—Corporate Relations; and, Curtis Trivitt, Senior Vice President—Energy Services

Front row, clockwise from left: Stacia Sims, Senior Vice President—Information Services; Brent Bishop, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer; and, Jeff McNeal, Senior Vice President—Information Technology (not pictured).