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CoServ is proud to provide electricity to more than 55,000 apartments in North Texas and each of these residents is a valued CoServ Member. We are here to serve you with reliable service at a fair price. Establishing your account and accessing it online through SmartHub is simple. Just follow the steps below.

Setting up Service

  1. Sign up for Service and Register your SmartHub Account
  2. Once logged in to SmartHub, you can:
    1. Sign up for Paperless Billing
    2. Enroll in Auto Pay
    3. Track your energy usage
  3. Download the CoServ App on your mobile device to stay in the know and on the go!

*Please check with your apartment management regarding their disconnecting/connecting policies. 

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Moving from another CoServ home? Click here for more information on transferring service.

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What makes CoServ different?

First, CoServ is an electric cooperative that was founded in 1937 to bring power to rural areas of North Texas.

The for-profit utilities at the time didn’t want to bring power to these small towns, farms and ranches because the population was too sparse to make it worthwhile. A new type of utility was needed. Denton County Electric Cooperative, now known as CoServ, adopted the co-op business model where the electric customers are actually Members and owners of the not-for-profit co-op.

For more than 85 years, that business model has stood the test of time. CoServ stands apart from the other for-profit utilities by striving every day to deliver reliable, affordable energy to our Members. To that end, our reliability rating is one of the best in Texas and our rates are all transparent with no catches, fine print or expiration dates.

The CoServ Charitable Foundation also sets CoServ apart by awarding more than a $1 million in grants to nonprofit organizations, education foundations and first responders every year.

CoServ is also governed by a democratically elected Board of Directors who are Members, just like you. Because we don’t have shareholders, CoServ allocates our margins (profits) to our Members each year. These allocated funds are known as Capital Credits. Also, Members can participate in CoServ’s Annual Business Meeting every June.

Watch the video below to learn more about the CoServ Advantage.

How do CoServ rates compare?

CoServ buys power in the same electric market as most of the utilities in the state and works hard to remain competitive with for-profit and municipal utilities as well as other cooperatives.

We compare our rates every month and are consistently cheaper than the others. Most of North Texas falls in the deregulated market, where customers buy power from a retail electric provider (REP) that’s different from the utility delivering electricity. Customers typically sign long-term contracts with the REP to lock in a rate. However, when natural gas prices drop, customers are either stuck overpaying with their existing rate or they have to pay a fee, sometimes hundreds of dollars, to break their contract.

At CoServ, our rates have no fine print, hidden fees or expiration dates. And CoServ accounts for fluctuations in wholesale electricity prices by adjusting the Power Cost Recovery Factor (PCRF) up or down based on the market from the previous month. When CoServ’s cost for electricity drops, we pass the savings on to Members. Click here to read more.

What typically causes high usage in apartments?

The biggest electricity usage in apartments is typically the heater/air conditioner and the hot water tank. That’s why a hot summer or cold winter can dramatically affect your apartment’s electricity consumption.

There are other factors that can affect your apartment’s usage, such as the height of the ceilings, what floor you’re on and what direction the apartment faces. Click here to read more.



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