Vegetation Management

Trees contacting power lines is the leading cause of power outages, according to federal regulators, and that's especially true during severe weather such as thunderstorms or ice storms.

CoServ has more than 2,800 miles of overhead lines on its network and many of them have trees growing around them. CoServ is committed to reliability and a big part of that is maintaining the trees once every four years.

CoServ's Vegetation Management Coordinators oversee more than a dozen crews who work year-round to cut back trees that are near the lines. The crews are all contractors.

In most instances, CoServ will send out a postcard mailer to your home in advance to let you know that we’ll be in your area. If the work will affect your property or electric service, crews will also notify you with a door hanger.

This is just another way that CoServ goes the extra mile to deliver reliable electricity to our Members.

If you see trees or other vegetation close to CoServ power lines or equipment, send us an email at [email protected]. Please include the following information:

  • The type of tree(s) or vegetation to be trimmed.
  • A description of the CoServ equipment (lines, pole, etc.), and how the vegetation is interfering with the equipment.
  • Any additional information to help our crews locate the tree(s) interfering with the equipment.

If trees near CoServ equipment are creating an immediate hazard or emergency, please call 844-330-0762.

Click here for 20 tree types that are approved for planting near overhead electrical lines.