Drone-aided power line and utility pole inspections

CoServ is always looking for ways to be proactive and efficient when it comes to maintaining our electric infrastructure.

One way that we do that is with our DJI Matrice 300 drone. Operated by FAA-licensed Power Quality Technicians, the drone can quickly and easily inspect our power lines, utility poles and other equipment to look for problems.

A single drone flight could fly over dozens of poles in minutes, looking for problems that would take hours or even days for crews climbing poles. By being proactive, CoServ was able to schedule linemen to replace the equipment or make repairs as part of their normal shifts. Ultimately, this prevents outages before they happen.

This is just another way that CoServ goes the extra mile to serve our Members with affordable and reliable energy.


Why does CoServ use drones instead of having workers inspect them?

Drone technology allows CoServ to perform inspections faster and safer because lineman do not have to climb every utility pole or inspect every wire to check for defects. We use the latest technology, in combination with a trained Power Quality Technician to identify issues before they become major problems, like an outage.

Who is operating the drones?

Our drones are flown by highly trained, FAA-licensed Power Quality Technicians. Our technicians examine the high-definition footage in real-time to find problems.

Will I be notified if the drone is in my area?

No. Due to the nature of the work, our Power Quality Technicians and drones can move to several locations throughout our service territory as needed fairly quickly, and as such, makes early notifications difficult. If you see a drone in your area, look for clearly marked CoServ vehicles nearby.

What about my privacy?

The security and privacy of our Members are of the utmost importance to CoServ. All of our drone flights follow a predetermined flight path along our easements. The drone camera will only be focused on CoServ’s equipment, utility poles, and power lines.