You can count on CoServ

From the engineers who plan and design our electric infrastructure to the linemen and system operators who keep it running, CoServ's top priority is to provide reliable and affordable electric service to our Members.

Utilities measure their reliability using a metric called the SAIDI score (System Average Interruption Duration Index), which measures how long the average Member was without electricity.

For 2022, CoServ’s SAIDI score was 31.2, meaning the average CoServ Member was without power for about 31 minutes. The score is more than 3 points better than 2021. Some Members may have been out longer and some may not have been without power at all but the index looks at the average for all Members. The lower the SAIDI score, the better.

Put another way, the average Member experienced uninterrupted service 99.994% of the time in 2022.

That means Members can count on CoServ to keep the lights on. When power outages do occur, our linemen crews will be there 24 hours a day, seven days a week to restore power as safely and quickly as possible.

In most cases, CoServ linemen and system operators are able to restore power before they even fix the source of the outage by using redundancies on our system to reroute power.

Even a minor blink on the lines could be a sign of a bigger problem, which is why our crews investigate these incidents before they cause a longer outage.

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