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Surge Protection

The most common and typically most destructive causes for power fluctuations include:

  • voltage surges such as lightning 
  • utility switching during adverse conditions, and 
  • when large appliances such as HVAC turn on and off inside the Member’s home or facility

A Member may incur damage at the time of a lightning strike but may not notice ill effects until days or weeks later. This happens because the lightning strike may weaken some circuitry while destroying others. The smaller surges most likely occur without the Member ever knowing, yet they take a toll on electronic equipment/ appliances and reduce the life span of the device. Eventually, the device fails short of its expected life span.

Protection must come from within. Members are responsible for protecting their appliances, electronics and other equipment from lightning and other surge conditions. It is not possible for CoServ to eliminate these risks simply because most surges are generated by nature and from inside the Member’s own facility or home.

Every home is different. If you have a question or unexplained issue, contact CoServ and ask for Power Quality & Reliability assistance.